SEMINAR: Leadership, change and future trends  The opportunity and threats

Presented by Stephen McDonald, Director of the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership, Melbourne

DATE:    Wednesday 28 June

TIME:    9.30 am - 2.30 pm (there will be a lunch break)

VENUE:   Advised upon confirmation of registration

Change in the international and domestic not-for-profit sector is being driven primarily by external factors, and many organisations are yet to take action to drive their own destiny. Technological and social trends means that there is great uncertainty for not-for-profits, which presents both opportunities and threats.  Not-for-profit leaders will need to radically rethink how their organisations operate, and how they lead if they are to succeed and grow into the future.

Stephen will facilitate a workshop and discussion on some of the critical challenges facing not-for-profits, shared value concepts and key lessons in leadership in not-for-profits.

Stephen McDonald is a Director of the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership (CHL), which is a joint initiative between Save the Children and Deakin University. He is one of the founders of the CHL, which is at the cutting edge of leadership training and research for not-for-profits that work in crisis and humanitarian settings.

He has over a decade of experience in leading humanitarian responses, including in Japan, Thailand and the Ivory Coast. In addition, Stephen was responsible for developing global tools and systems to improve humanitarian response efforts with Save the Children, as well as with inter-agency initiatives.   

Prior to joining Save the Children and the creation of the Centre for Humanitarian Leadership, Stephen worked in the private and government sectors, where he worked in business and IT consultancy, business media, logistics and adult learning He has experience of change management inside a range of private and not-for-profit organisations, as well as strategic partnerships and shared value initiatives.   

Stephen studied at La Trobe and Deakin Universities, and is a member of the Australian Institute of Training and Development. He has lectured on humanitarian issues at City University, London, the Land Warfare Centre, Warminster, and the Australian Emergency Management Institute. He has also lectured on Civil/Military issues at the Australian Defence Force.  Stephen's current research examines command and control in the digital age.


Seminar: StoryTelling for NGO's and their Community

Presented by Sharon Moreham

DATE:    Monday 3 July

TIME:    9.30 - 12.30

VENUE:   Advised upon confirmation of registration

The power of story for your NGO: principles and practices for communication, evaluation, learning and building community

Stories are a key element of organisational culture, evaluation, planning, stakeholder engagement and more. Every organisation and every person has great stories to tell. But how do we find and share an authentic and powerful story?

This interactive and practical workshop will reveal the power of story for individuals, teams, organisations and our communities, and support you to apply this in your organisation. This is an opportunity to bring along some stories from your organisation to work with during the workshop.

You will discover:

-  the roles of storytelling
-  what makes a good story and how to listen for one
-  how to use core storytelling principles and concepts
-  simple tools to activate, record and share your stories
-  how to apply storytelling to team building, evaluation, learning, planning and more
-  how storytelling can bring depth and insights to your practice and work
-  basic story ethics

Sharon has worked in the community sector for over twenty years in organisational development, research, funding and community development roles from grassroots through to local and central government, in New Zealand, Australia and Europe. A co-founder of The Story Collective and alumni of The International School of Storytelling (UK) Sharon now shares the practical application of storytelling for individuals, organisations and communities.


Seminar: Strategic Planning

Presented by Steve Silcock

DATE:    Wednesday 30 August



VENUE:   Advised upon confirmation of registration

Seminar: Finding the Right People

Presented by Karen Armstrong

DATE:    Mid September TBA


VENUE:   Advised upon confirmation of registration

Seminar 6: Results Based Accountability

Presented by Alison Bourne

DATE:    Wednesday 18 October


VENUE:   Advised upon confirmation of registration




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